Day 29



Look at how cool this man is: 

I Googled James Dean for about 15 minutes and came to the conclusion he is cooler than any male ever created.

Steve and I went to Westfield shopping centre so that I could get a new sim card, my new number is on my Facebook page which you can access from the About Me section. AT&T will never be getting service from me again mind you, those thieving swines.

After practice I went for a walk with Kathleen to get her car from somewhere then we went to meet the kids and Onka at Panera Bread, coincidentally, I have a Panera card and haven’t won anything from it once, which is a mighty shame.

There was a girl who works there called Kate who was strange to say the least, she wouldn’t leave me alone and kept on pestering me about London. I wish she was fit. You know you’re not being very subtle when: 1) Kate (Brathleen’s daughter) says: “SHE LOVES YOU JAASH” and 2) Evan tells her she’s weird. Kids can be so brutally honest. What’s even more annoying is that she was being so unsubtle about flirting that even Aiden knew what she was doing, HE’S 3 YEARS OLD! Such a hard life I live sometimes.

Myself and Clive Helders (father of this man)…

are having a Twitter race. I have to get too 300 followers before he gets to 2,000. So, if you want to help me then do, and click HERE. If you want to help him then get off my page and find the link yourself. Traitor.

I played Dodgeball with Kate and Evan in the basement, I made a bet with myself that Evan would cry within 10 minutes, if he did then I would eat my last Smore Poptart for dinner, if he didn’t, then I wouldn’t. It got to about 9 and a half minutes and he hadn’t cried so I punched him in the face.

I’m kidding. He cried after 2 minutes when Kate kicked him in the stomach when she tried to do a handstand and she didn’t see he was behind her.

Aiden finally likes me, it’s only taken 3 weeks but I’m in his good books. Happy days.



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