Day 28




I’ve been doing this thing called The 100 Workout, which is as follows:

It would be fine without the crunches, and without Evan staring at me whilst I do it.

Again it was beyond humid. The kids on Thursdays are usually the worst listeners, so I made them run, and run, and run, and run until they had no energy to talk over me anymore.

Steve and I went to visit this place, we sat outside marvelling at it and reminiscing of the genius that was Macaulay Culkin:

We went to a local bar called CJ Arthurs I think. It was karaoke night and we met up with Sophie and her friends who are also all German nannies. The first person singing was a typical American geek who sang Backstreet Boys; his voice reminded me of Daniel ‘The Karaoke King’ Marks’ voice when we sang Rockin’ All Over the World back in ’06.

Someone put my name down to sing a song, I don’t even know what it was, and I never will. There is more chance of me using sandpaper as toilet roll than there is of me singing in front of people I don’t know. I find this weird about myself; I can talk to anyone and I’m confident, but I won’t do anything to make myself look like an idiot – see Top Golf incident a few days ago.

Steve the Goalie did karaoke though. Well done Steve the Goalie.

Ernie II is alive and well, I think this is because I feed him a little bit when everyone is out of the house. Let’s not tell the family though yeah? Good.



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