Day 26




So it’s been almost a whole month since I’ve been here, I’ve advertised this enough and I now feel like a pest so if you want to advertise for me feel free, but your timeline and newsfeed’s shall no longer be barraged with MarksyyOnTour info.

The first week went slowly. The past fortnight has gone fast. I was talking to Steve the Goalie about this, he said he wants his time here to go quickly but at the same time not feel like he’s wasting any time here. Which I completely comprehend.

I want to look to play for a college team out here, which would involve getting an education and going to college out here. The reason why I didn’t go to university is simply because I do not like doing things for the hell of it. For me university didn’t and perhaps doesn’t appeal to me, the lifestyle doesn’t even sway me that much. I don’t like being forced into doing things, whether it be going to university or downing a concoction of vodka, cider, beer, ketchup and probably a one pence coin. However, playing football out here for a college team would not only be achievable through hard work but would also be superb.

If I want to do something I won’t rest until it’s done, unless it’s tying a bow-tie, I’ve tried and failed countless times. Those who know me know that I hate to lose, I hate to give up and I hate being second best. This is also why I didn’t participate in the UK Socca Top Golf tournament, even though it’s for fun, embarrassing myself in front of others doesn’t appeal to me.

I went food shopping with Kristian and Steve the Goalie and bought pop tarts, Gatorade, shower gel and moisturiser. 3 feminine items against 1 masculine item, I need to become manlier.

Football beer boobs banter wheyyyy lads!


We also saw this interesting sign in the supermarket which made me giggle.

I dislike coaching on a Tuesday because the children don’t listen. Especially John’s team. John confided in me today by stating how he was contemplating quitting because the kids are so badly behaved. There’s nothing you can do. We ended up just laughing about it and shrugging our shoulders. It is partially my job to stop them from misbehaving, but when non-English speaking Alex is shouting in Swedish at Ethan, who previously kicked his ball a mile away, there’s not a lot I can do.

Brent cooked the fam burgers and then we played Jenga. Jenga is an interesting game, it teaches you to control your inner child; all I wanted to do was kick the tower over, but I also wanted to win. I controlled my urges; make of that what you will.

Edy’s butterfinger ice cream > Life cereal

I can also confirm my purchase from Abercrombie and Fitch is indeed a men’s cardigan and it is sensational.


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