Day 24




I went without breakfast because there was no cereal, no milk and I didn’t feel like cooking eggs. I think I ate all the cinnamon bread a few days ago and ice cream isn’t a healthy breakfast, so I just suffered instead.

Mmmm Sundays

Alan, Steve the Goalie and I ran a goalkeeping coaching clinic for boys and girls at about 11:30 for an hour. It went alright. I wish more kids showed up though, give it time, not everyone is aware of how many Massimo Taibi’s we are making, but when word gets around, that’s when it’ll be fun.

I came home and had a pizza the size of a new-born baby for lunch.

Reid’s team were playing so he picked me up with Erik and Doug, Reid’s wife and his mother as well all in the car. They made me sit in the front because I was the guest which I thought was nice.

The match was played in the pissing rain in awful conditions, the grass was too long and the ball got stuck in some places and skidded in others. I set up the boys in a 2-3-1 formation and Erik and Nico ran the show. Rory decided he didn’t want to defend so I made him come off, which screwed up the plans Reid has written. The opposition went 1-0 up straight away, then Peter ran 30 yards and scored. Erik made it 2-1 to us. It then went 2-2, and 3-2 to them. We got a penalty and I couldn’t watch. I was getting stressed out coaching and watching a bunch of 10 year olds play football, I don’t even want to comprehend how stressful real managerial jobs are. The game finished 4-4.

Reid insisted on taking me out to dinner afterwards and we had this, Doug is 6 which puts into perspective this pizza. Reid declared that there was too much sodium in it. I’m still unaware as to whether this is a good or bad thing:

Reid’s wife told me that all of the parents were saying how much the team has improved in the past fortnight: the passing is a lot better and crisper and that the boys looked a lot more confident. She told them all that “it’s because we have this new British trainer called Josh”, so I got a lot of handshakes after the game.

I didn’t get any cookie cake for Nico’s 9th birthday because I let someone have my bit out of politeness not actually expecting them to say yes to having it. She ate it in front of me as well, the fat wanker.

Alan told me that the phone call bit of Marvin’s Room – Drake is a real life conversation, which I found cool.

[UPDATE] Ernie’s fight for survival, Day 3: He is alive.



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