Day 23



All of my games and practices were called off because it rained overnight, which is bittersweet. Bad = didn’t get paid. Good = meant I could do nothing all day as I was shattered.

I ended up getting up at 9:00 which is the earliest since I’ve been here. I went with the family to watch Evan perform in his school show. Some kids are beyond funny when they’re put on stage in front of people. Especially when they have to sing and dance at the same time. The way I’m describing them makes it sound like child slavery. I can assure you it wasn’t and the cookies given away at the end proved this. Although they were stale.

We went to buy a pitchfork, a sim card and some McDonalds which, as everyone knows, are an absolutely astounding assortment of purchases.

I now have an American number which I don’t know yet, which is a good thing, means I don’t have to get girl’s emails and feel like a proper tourist but instead I feel like a moron with a black and white Nokia. Good times.

There’s this thing called mulch which is like soil, but it’s made out of bark and it’s really warm. We had to spread this stuff all over the garden which took about 2 and a half hours to do. Brent and I went to buy a leafblower and celebrated such an occasion with 24 boneless chicken wings and 5 coronas. We’re men at work. Except Evan cried because he lost a quarter which brought us back down to Earth with a bang. He also almost cried due to the fact he demanded a hot wing instead of a mild one and almost drowned himself in his own sweat. His face was bright red, I wish I had a camera on me at the time. So instead I’ve drawn him.


I came back and had a 15 minute shower and FINALLY found a song I’ve been searching for for months. Which is here, hopefully the link will work:

The new fish, Ernie II, is on its way out as well, so if he does pass away, enjoy this picture of him forever and ever. Amen.



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