Day 21



Alan and I went for a run; his house according to Google maps is a 5 minute drive. It took me all of Right Above – Lil Wayne and ¾ of Still Speedin’ – Sway to get to his house to pick him up, that’s 7 minutes. I am impressed with myself. We both went for another 3 mile run after that which then killed us.

After topping up with a Panera visit we had coaching. Thursday’s are hard. I have 5 different teams to coach, 30 minutes at a time. Switching from coaching 15 under 10 boys to 6 under 7 girls is difficult, but I’m a versatile mofo so it’s fine.

We went for a few drinks and ended up getting home at 4am. I don’t think any of us were hanging too much the next morning which made a change from my first night out with everyone. Jake did karaoke and Alan drank the shot that was given to him as a reward. The bar we went to was full of Hispanics. I was told saying “the bar we went to was full of Mexicans” is racist so I won’t say that.

We met Megan and Brittany, and then I went to talk to someone called Allona. She told me she lived in London for 3 and a half months, I was all, “pshh yeah right.” Turns out she lived in Harrow. HARROW?! Small world eh? Yes, yes it is.

I sent a text to Brent saying “Hello Brent, sorry if this wakes you up. I’m going to be home quite late tonight, sorry. Also sorry if this wakes you up – apologies”. I wonder if he could tell I was drunk.

This is Alan and Adam who take the piss out of me for this blog, when you are worldwide superstars because of this picture you can thank me, and Adam can buy me a round like the true gent that he is as that is what he owes me:


Oh wait… wrong picture, this is the one I meant to put up:



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