Day 20




I keep on waking up thinking I’m in my bed in England and reaching over to get my phone but it’s on the other side of the bed. I reached so far I almost fell out of bed. Old habits die hard.

This picture makes me smile:

I listened to Matthew Sharkey’s radio show, which you should check out here.

The milk we get delivered to the Brathleen household has Oberweis written on it and every time I see it I sing to myself “two trailer-park girls go round the outside” – if you don’t know what I’m talking about, click below and listen, if you still don’t know what I’m talking about then ask someone other than me to explain it because your stupidity would annoy me, unless it’s my mum or dad then I’ll explain it to them:

I skyped Emily who was talking to her friends whilst I was on the toilet. The whole situation was extremely unnerving. I still need to Skype Daniel; it’s been 20 days without me talking to my own brother, what is this? Missing you dearly.

Alan, Adam and Jake were outside before I had a chance to have any breakfast. We went shopping and I brought these to replace my shitty Vans, although I’ll probably end up buying some Vans too because I have no self-restraint. They were only $50 too, plus I just got paid, and I do so much work every day…

I’ve decided One Direction and Justin Bieber fans should have their own version of Twitter just because nobody else actually cares about them. They should call it Twatter.

We were almost late for coaching again because Alan and Adam got another sunbed. Jake and I found out where to go around our area on a night out by talking to the girls that worked there, so expect more NABP stories soon. To all you newbies find out what it is by yourself, serves you right for not reading these from the start.

It rained today, which is especially annoying as I had to run a goalkeeping coaching clinic for girls which made the whole thing ten times harder. Alan and Steve were my glamorous assistants. Alan declared that I taught him how to improve himself as a keeper, Steve the Goalie told me he was taught differently.

Kathleen and I had a cup of tea and talked about getting drunk for about 30 minutes. I explained to her the games ‘Pull the Pig’ and ‘MILF Minutes’. She told me about her initiation into a sorority and all of her slaggy friends at college.

Every night I get into bed at 9:00 and then I manage to sit on my bed and next thing I know its 1:24am.


P.S. Number 1 Fan of the Week goes to: Catriona Davidson. Congrats.

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