Day 18




Had 15 minutes to shower and leave the house this morning. I hate rushing.

We got in Will’s car and left to go pick up Steve the new coach and then drive to what we thought was the right destination, which it wasn’t. We eventually got Downtown for a coaches meeting, 45 minutes late. We also almost died en route due to a side on collision; it was a proper rabbit in the headlights moment as all 4 of us said “WOAHHHH”.

James set up a drill for us all to do but by the time we got there they had already finished. We played a match against some Mexican guys, a good 11 v 11 game. I scored, but they were shit so it’s kind of a hollow goal. It was with my left foot which makes it just that little bit more meaning.

The McDonalds we had after was appalling.

To make amends for it I went for a run when I got home, I did the same run I did when I first got to Winnetka, but this time I didn’t have to stop and I didn’t get out of breath. Progress has been made. I like running in my coaching gear because it shows people around town that I’m English and eventually someone will recognise me and be like “oh that’s Josh, the English guy”.

I ended up coaching Reid’s team for an hour and a half after Red Dress Girl told me she was ill so we’re going to go out to the Comedy Club next Monday instead. They got walloped in yesterday’s second game that I didn’t watch so we went back to basics. Eventually they will be good, but they are still young, give it time and they’ll be class. Eric’s younger brother Doug scored 7 goals in the game he played on Sunday. Lad.

New coach Steve taught me how to do a decent goal kick; still couldn’t hit the crossbar though. Give it time. Patience is a virtue.

Bianca skyped me and so I got to speak to her drunk friends. One of them swore so I sent Evan out the room. Pottymouth.

I also made a new header for this website which took me absolutely ages to do.

I also also made a new playlist which I’ll publish for you online ASAP because I know you’re all dying to hear it.

The pile of dirty washing seems to grow very quickly in the corner of my room. Need to sort it all out before it becomes the town landmark: Man-Made-Moutain of Clothes by Marksy.



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