Day 16




Evan came into my room and sat there until I came out the bathroom after I had a shower. I said “dude, that’s so not cool” – I’m becoming more American by the day. Nevertheless, it wasn’t cool so I was right. He also threw my Carmex around the room and then muddled up my shoes in the wardrobe. I tickled him until he declared he couldn’t breathe, so I picked him up and chucked him out and used my newfound knowledge of how the door locks to prevent him from returning until I was properly dressed.

It was Aidan’s birthday so I gave him his birthday card before Evan told him I got him a card. It had Mickey Mouse on it with $5 inside, he seemed more interested in the card than the money so I may try and steal back the bucks when nobody is looking…

For breakfast I had a double chocolate chip cookie with chocolate on it, if that makes sense?

I went to watch Evan’s under 7’s football game this morning, Brent is usually his coach but he had to take Kate to another game an hour and a half away so I filled in. I ended up reffing the game; quote unquote, “You should probably umpire it as you’ll know more rules for this type of scrimmage”.

We went 3-0 down in the first 5 minutes because Carter and Clayton didn’t stay in defence and just ran everywhere. I ended the first quarter 3 minutes early to regroup, we brought it back to 3-3 after Evan and Jonny scored. They went 4-3 up and it just went downhill from there. I tried an Al Pacino-esque speech at the end of the 3rd quarter but AJ and Carter were busy making up a handshake when the opposition broke through and 4 of them bundled the ball in. One of their players celebrated in the face of Anders when they scored their 7th, I really wanted to tell him to fuck off.

Here is a picture of my haircut for all seven of you that asked me if they could see it. The front looks good, but there’s no wonder the Albanian didn’t show me the back of my head:

I went to ref 2 other games afterwards, I’m actually good, but I hate doing it.

The 4th game I had to referee didn’t show up so I just had to wait in a field for 45 minutes to eventually be picked up by Brent.

There was a tie in the 2v2 football game in the garden, Kate and I took a 3-1 and a 4-2 lead respectively, but Brent’s experience and Evan’s ruthlessness brought the game to 4-4. Kathleen made us get ready to go out for a meal so we didn’t get to finish.

We went to an Italian place called Rosebuds. The family already know I eat anything so all the leftovers were bundled onto my plate, 3 appetizers and a main meal later I finished and had to unbutton my Levis before I left. Brent almost bullied me into approaching a table with 12 girls on, I “went to the toilet” to get a closer look, they were all jailbait.

There was an Ernie cookies and cream cake for Aidan, shown here:

Afterwards we watched children’s film, ‘Hop’ which has a surprisingly good cast, is surprisingly funny and also has a surprising amount of sexual innuendos in it. Mind you it does have Russell Brand in it.

All of the shitty latex balloons have fallen to the floor by now, except for the 1 foil balloon, well worth the money. Many a people made the mistake of getting the latex ones when I was working in the cake shop back in ‘09, seems they never learn. You get what you pay for.


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