Day 15




Aidan’s screaming at stupid o’clock this morning woke me up, although it did get incorporated into my dream at the time. I went back to bed and arose from my slumber at 11:30.

I cut a cinnamon bagel in half to toast for breakfast but I didn’t cut it evenly, so one half toasted well, the other got stuck in the toaster and I had to use chopsticks to get them out, Kathleen Senior found it hilarious, I went along with it, but really I just wanted to eat my breakfast.

After logging on to this very laptop I found out that this site apparently had a virus, I got rid of it and cheered, Brent joined in with the celebrations and he poured me a glass of water to further add to the overjoyed emotion which filled the room.

After living here for almost a fortnight in this house I’ve only just discovered my room and bathroom has a lock on it.

I went for a walk in the cold to get Aidan a 3rd birthday card. I finally saw someone who looked roughly my age, she was fit. I also saw a coach from last Friday called Jaqueline, I recognised and remembered her name which instantly gave me brownie points, we said hi. On the way I also stopped in at the GAP store on the high street and almost bought a zip-up hoody for $15 but realised I didn’t need it. I also remember when I wore a red GAP hoody for football training back when I was about 10.


5 layers still wasn’t enough to keep me from shivering at coaching today. When the wind drops its fine, but when it does pick up, it’s absolutely bitter. Every session went well except for the hour session at the end when the girls didn’t want to listen but instead wanted to make me say things. They also complained about being cold but decided they’d walk through all the drills I set up instead of running, not my fault if they get hypothermia. S.E.P at the end of the day. (S.E.P = someone else’s problem).

I skyped my parents as well as Nick. Nick was in bed topless which was somewhat inappropriate especially when he was talking to Kate and Evan. Amber the babysitter made us all mac and cheese for dinner which was alright. I still haven’t made myself a proper meal since being here. Hard life eh?

Super Mario Bros on the Wii was the entertainment for the evening/night. Amber and I played it for about an hour after the kids went to bed and then we did Speed (the card game, not the hard drugs).

Geoffleen and Brathleen went out for dinner in Downtown Chicago and when they came back Geoff and I carried on our conversation from last night until roughly 00:30. We get on really well, he was telling me about his job and the troubles he’s faced, my favourite quote was “and how do you think I got here?” I replied “by working hard?” he said “I meant how do you think I got to Chicago from Pittsburgh, but I guess you’re right… although to answer my own question, I got here on my private jet”. Badman.



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