Day 14




I’ve successfully survived a fortnight in America.

Guess what I had for breakfast? This isn’t a trick question. Obviously I had Life. It would seem that I’ve made you readers think that Life is a mystical breakfast cereal, but really, it’s not. It’s just that the Brathleen household doesn’t have any unhealthy food so something like this is nothing short of a novelty item.

Evan and Kate want to eat fruit all the time, but Kathleen doesn’t let them, which is clever, it makes the kids want to eat it as a treat and not as a chore like it is for fatties back in England.

I went on a hunt for some chocolate as I was craving some, I couldn’t find any and it angered me, maybe I’m pregnant.

Red dress girl invited me to a comedy show Downtown on Monday night which has previously had Will Ferrell and other people perform there. No sign of an email from pink shorts woman on the other hand. I think she’s playing hard to get.

I got a reply from this girl/model/goddess on twitter today, which made me happy. We’re going to go out on a date soon, not that she’s aware yet, her name is Alysha Nett if you’re wondering:

Alan, Adam, Jake and I went to get a haircut after a McDonalds. I got my hair cut, whereas Adam and Adam got theirs butchered. I gave the Albanian woman strict instructions on what I wanted which is why I got a half decent one, Adam and Alan on the other hand. From certain angles my hair is really quite short which make me look like I have a mild case of alopecia, still, better than the others – every cloud eh?

Adam and Alan got a sunbed which made us all late for our coaching session that afternoon. I came out here for the sunshine, so imagine my joy when it was 6°C at 5pm and I was standing there coaching children that didn’t want to listen. Tyler is class though, when I watch their team play on Sunday he will score. Check back on Monday to see if he actually does. I played ‘Stuck in the Mud’ and a few other games when I was coaching an Under 7s girls’ team, being a kid must again was so much fun.

One of the coaches of a kid’s team said to me “Thank you for helping us Josh, I really mean it, we all appreciate it” after a session I did. That made me feel good.

Another good song for you all, listen to it:

I came home to an empty house and was walking around trying to find people for a while until I decided to make myself a sausage pizza. The family came home with a few new additions in tow. Kathleen’s parents have come to visit for the week; Geoff and Kathleen are their names: Geoffleen from now on (original).

We watched Chicago BlackHawks lose in the Stanley Cup playoff (ice hockey) against the Phoenix Coyotes, who not only played better, but also have a much cooler name. I guess Chicago was fighting a losing battle from the start. They’re now 3-1 down in a 7 game series. Not that you guys care.

We all had a proper laugh after dinner, it’s weird how easily these guys have made me feel like part of their family despite me not even being here that long.

Tomorrow is Aiden’s 3rd birthday. I’m gonna feed him shots of warm milk until he can’t stand and we’ll fist pump ’til our arms fall off. After we have some Ernie birthday cake that is.


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