Day 13




I had my worst night’s sleep since being here last night; I was beyond hot and was sure that somebody was walking around upstairs.

I tweeted about going for a 10am run the night before.

…So I woke up at 11:30 and went upstairs from my basement for a bowl of Life, I forgot I finished the box the day before, I was mortified. Imagine my joy when I found another box stashed away at the top of the pantry. Well, you can’t imagine my joy because the majority of you haven’t had it before, but try. I also had another cinnamon bagel with cream cheese for breakfast.

We had an online meeting which was strange. Whilst my Regional Director was talking I was sitting on the toilet. I think all meetings should be that relaxed, you’d get a lot more done.

I went for a 45 minute run wearing the t-shirt below. The road I ran down had the biggest houses on I have ever seen, some of them are unimaginably large. Every house/castle could be shown on MTV Cribs without fail. Whilst on this run I saw a woman jogging wearing pink shorts (that is a relevant point, be patient and read on).

I got home and had a banana and a shower and a shave in that order; I tried to watch the Chelsea v Barcelona game on umpteen different online streaming sites, none of them worked so I got angry. I tweeted about my fury and turned off my laptop.

I had coaching for Reid’s team, this is the team I like to coach on Monday’s, eventually I will mould them into a good team but today they didn’t want to pay attention so I made them do boring drills until they wanted to learn. Eric, Reid’s son, is different class to the rest of them, plus he listens. Well done Eric.

After coaching a couple of other teams I coached four Under 10 Girls and one of the women watching was pink shorts lady. We chatted and I ended up giving her my email so when she goes running next time we can go together. The chances of her emailing me are slim, but we’ll see.

Alan asked me if I had been on the sunbed, I haven’t.

I haven’t spent any money for 4 days now, since the infamous Buffalo Wild Wings trip on Day 10.

I plan is to go Downtown with red dress girl Rachael from Saturday night sometime next week, and also to go with Erin who likes every Facebook status I do about this blog. My lack of spending will soon change.

Kate, Evan and I played Dodgeball in the basement today, it’s a miracle nobody cried (myself included) and nothing broke (bones included). Evan decided to throw a baseball at me. That concluded the game.



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