Day 12



I had Life for breakfast again. It was the end of the box which meant all the debris of the other squares of Life had been broken off and had clustered together at the bottom of the box, thus creating a bowl of pure cinnamon, sugar and some shreds of whatever it is they put in it.

I went for a run along the beach which is down the bottom of my road more or less. You need a pass to get in to it during the summer time when everyone goes down there because it’s a private shore. I listened to this song whilst running, it made me smile:

There is only a certain distance you can reach on this beach because there is a whole bunch of rocks that are perfectly placed on either side of this mansion which backs onto the beach, like so:

I came home and had a cinnamon bagel for lunch with whipped cream cheese inside. I love cinnamon. I watched SportsCenter (SkySportsNews equivalent) on ESPN and wasn’t concentrating properly which resulted in my biting my fingertip instead of the bagel, genuine pain ensued.

Will didn’t pick me up for coaching so I didn’t have to coach the Under 5’s which in hindsight is a bad thing as it means I won’t be paid as much, but, it did mean I got to finish off the chicken from the night before. Swings and roundabouts as they say.

Eventually Lindsay picked me up and took me to the field. Nothing eventful occurred at practice except I’ve realised I have 4 phrases:

“You have 5 seconds to get your soccer ball and run over, GO”

“Quick as you can, over you come”

“Everybody pick up at least 2 cones and bring them over in 5 seconds… 5…4…321. Not quick enough!”

“Good stuff”

I watched 4 Friday Night Lights episodes back-to-back, I love Tim Riggins; he’s a hero. If everyone could be a little like him the world would be a cooler place to live in.

I received my highest amount of views at a whopping 212, so give yourselves a pat on the back and accept me continuing writing these blogs as a thank you.



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