Day 11




I made Brent a cup of Tetley tea from the teabags that I got bought before I came over here; I don’t think he enjoyed it.

I skyped my mother and sister, again the screen kept on freezing, for example:

sorry Lee

Dreams are funny things, I keep on having a recurring dream about a place I’ve never been to, it has the same people in it just in different scenarios. I always wake up after almost drowning from a tidal wave.

I went for a run after my bowl of Life at around 1pm; it was a 35 minute sprint to see how far I could go. The good thing about running hard is that you’re focussing so much on the burning in your calves and the tightness in your chest that you forget where you are and what you’re doing.

The house is a 5 minute run away from the beach. Tomorrow I’m going to run down there and go for a jog along the beachfront.

I had leftovers for lunch and it tasted like hatred and nightmares, so I put it down the waste disposal and ate toasted cinnamon bread instead.

I felt like I was making a difference at coaching today for the first time since being here. I look forward to coaching this team on a Monday, they listen, they want to learn and they’re actually half decent. I also remember all of their names which helps. It makes you feel good when you can physically see people improving, regardless of whether it’s in soccer or not.

The under 7’s group after them are annoying brats.

Peter, Will, Dan (I think) and I drove into Downtown Chicago for a reason that I still don’t know after coaching, it took so long to get there and back I could have walked home from the field backwards on my hands quicker. I wouldn’t have minded being in the car if I knew why I had to be there, I was about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Going through the motions is one of the most unbeneficial things you can do. For every person who has a job and is doing it half-heartedly there’s always someone somewhere that would kill for the job you have, so if you don’t like what you’re doing then stop doing it and do something you enjoy. It is as simple as that, because if you really genuinely wanted to do something then you’d do it regardless of how hard it is to achieve.

This isn’t the funniest post I’ve ever done but a few things I’ve seen and heard today have pissed me off, it’s even worse because I have no idea who these people are so I couldn’t tell them to shut up.

There was a woman at the gas station that looked like this, I imagine her name is Carmen, I think she was a whore:

Evan wanted to wear my orange watch to school but I told him he couldn’t because it was valuable to me, if he’s good and listens to Kathleen then he can wear it around the house. Brent is away on business in California until Thursday. Hard life eh?


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