Day 10



I woke up with the taste of last night’s game of NABP mixed with the toxic waste that is Four Loco. My urine wasn’t too dissimilar to the smell and sensation of radioactive fluid, my ears were still ringing and inside my head was a baby elephant riding a Harley-Davidson whilst playing the drums and blowing a Vuvuzela. I tried to draw it for you but I can’t, so use your imagination.

We decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for breakfast/lunch after I cleaned up the mud that someone traipsed through the house from the night before. After using my sly MacGyver secret agent skills I realised it wasn’t plausible for it to be me, and therefore it was someone who shall not be named… but rest assured it wasn’t me.

Anyway, I ordered half a rack of ribs (sorry grandparents), 6 chicken wings, fries and a drink. The food took 20 minutes to arrive so they reduced the bill by $10 and then my ribs were cold so I got to swap it for 4 mini cheeseburgers and more fries. A bittersweet event some may say.

I came home and explained the events of the night to Kathleen, then after attempting to rehydrate myself, Brent took Kate, Evan, Aiden and myself to the lacrosse field and taught me how to play. I wasn’t bad considering it was my first time playing it. I hit the crossbar first in the Josh v Brent Crossbar Challenge. I like winning.

We had an immense amount of tacos and fajitas for dinner, Brent came up with a fantastic idea which I stole. Scrunch up tacos and put them into your fajita. Clever.

I got into bed at 8:45pm after watching Bridesmaids, which was very funny.

Nick asked me where I went last night, I said “To Hell and Back”. If ever I open up a nightclub that will be the name of it.



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