Day 8



I had a cereal called Life which has cinnamon in it, it’s a little similar to Cinnamon Grahams, or Curiously Cinnamon, either way, it’s sensational and I will have them for breakfast every day until I don’t like them anymore.

I went for a run; my new trainers make me feel like I’m running on a cushion wrapped in bubble wrap encased in a cloud. It’s heavenly. I also wore my work t-shirt, just so all of the locals knew I was British. I love being British.

No matter where you are in the world, if you leave your house during working hours, the members of the public who are out and about are freaks. There was a bald man sitting on the street outside his front garden reading a book, I was scared.

I came home and met Allison, she’s another babysitter. We talked for a while but I stunk because of my run, so I moved away every time she came near to me. Aiden was eating all of the Life cereal, I couldn’t tell him to stop because he’s 2 and it would be unfair, especially as I didn’t pay for it. Mind you, nor did he.

I did the same drill for every age group I coached today, there’s a fine line between laziness and efficiency, one I walk every day.

Went to a lacrosse game last night, the Northwestern Wildcats against North Carolina. I wore my purple Nike Blazers (for people who don’t know what they are click here) without knowing that ‘we’ play in purple. I felt like a moron wearing the team colours of a girl’s university lacrosse team. It is literally as stereotypical as it could be there, everyone was wearing purple, we were sitting on bleachers, there was music during the timeouts, people were there throwing t-shirts into the crowd. It was all very surreal. The Wildcats are undefeated this year, they won 8-7 last night. Taylor was the best player, despite me not knowing what the fuck was going on for 45 minutes.

We went to a Chinese restaurant afterwards and I had a milkshake with my meal because that’s what everyone does. The food was absurdly nice. I felt sorry for the restaurant next to it though because it serves identical food and drinks but had no customers in. Maybe it’s because their chairs were bright orange.

Came home and the kids went to bed, I sat up watching Lacrosse with Brent until he saw there was a programme called Full Metal Jousting, so we watched that instead, best programme I’ve ever seen:

It’s weird going to sleep when people are waking up in England.


2 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. there’s a fine line between laziness and efficiency, one I walk every day.

    You stole this from me. You’ll be hearing from my lawyers


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