Day 7


Toilet.Onka.Moustache.HomeAlone.Offside. عناء

I really love this song:

Nick and I skyped today, we were both on the toilet, it was romantic. I gave him a tour of the house, if anyone else would like a tour, or to see me on the toilet, or to just see my pretty face, add me on skype: joshmarksyy.

I went shopping with Onka the nanny today to buy some running trainers. They are very red as seen below:

We also went to a Baha’i temple, the man inside had a superb moustache; it was as immaculate as the gardens outside. His breath smelt like old people and he wouldn’t stop talking to me, I had to do that thing where you slowly walk away and hope the other person gets the message, he didn’t, he just followed me around asking questions about London. I hid until Onka saved me.

Brathleen’s house is on the same street as the Home Alone house, I’ll be sure to take a photo of it next time I see it.

I coached 3 different teams this evening and had to explain the offside rule to a man who looked like this:

I also got 3 views on my blog from the United Arab Emirates, if you’re reading this then, لا استطيع ان كنتقد ذهبت في الواقع من خلال عناء الحصول على هذا المترجم. أنت شخص حزين.


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