Day 6



It feels weird helping yourself to other people’s food in their kitchen, but it’s a nice weird, I feel like I’m trusted in the Brathleen household.

I went for a walk to McDonalds for lunch, it isn’t even me being overly stereotypical, but every single person in there, except for myself, was obese. Literally, everyone there. A few of them were wearing running shoes, what is the point? Kudos for not using the drive-thru and actually walking inside though.

There are drive-thru banks here, it’s absurd.

I gave Jake the wrong address for my house so he was late picking me up for coaching, we also got lost so we ended up being 30 minutes late, we apologised and coached for an extra 30 afterwards. We got lost on the way home too, twice. How did anybody get anywhere without a satnav?

Had another nice meal cooked by Kathleen. Brent took us all out for ice-cream after. I felt like an 8 year old again. This song came on in the ice-cream parlour and Brent said he liked it, I’m not surprised, it sums up his life pretty well, 3 genius kids, a nice wife, an amazing house and loads of ice-cream:


Graffiti6 are gonna be the next big thing, you heard it here first.



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