Day 5



I opened the bedroom door in the hotel wearing just a towel after my shower, I thought James was here to collect me so I whispered “welcome to my boudoir” it was actually an old man who was there to fix my TV.

A man was talking to someone on the phone in Panera today and all I heard him say was “It’s colder than a son of a bitch” – he was right.

Eventually we (James and I, not the TV engineer) left to pick up Alan and went shopping. It was overcast and cold so we sought cover in Foot Locker. I don’t think I have ever bought anything from Foot Locker. There was a fetching bright red Adidas tracksuit that had CHICAGO written on it, it was vile.

There was a man in Starbucks who looked like this:

We went back to Alan’s house, the family he’s staying with has a dog identical to the talking dog in Up. I’m not sure what’s better, Up or the Subway I had for lunch.
I had Subway for lunch. Borderline superb, except I tried something called banana chillies; they were tasteless and thus pointless.

We had to coach under 6’s today, I was pretty rubbish at it because it’s basically babysitting, plus their parents were watching and they didn’t laugh at any of my jokes.
Coached an under 8 boys team after that, their coach is called Peleg, he’s a nice man.
Children over here have no fear; they literally just run full pelt into each other and get back up. I haven’t had one child cry yet, which is an improvement compared to the eight that cry per day in the summer camps in England.

Finally moved in to the house I’m staying in, the children gave me a grand tour of the house, it took about 15 minutes which says a lot about the house.

We had chicken and some noodles, I’ve figured it’s too rude not to eat a lot and greedy to eat loads, I could have easily eaten the whole bowl of it. (Eyebrows).

The kids and I played Super Mario Bros on the Wii; I enjoyed it more than them it’s fair to say.

I watched Chicago Bulls on TV whilst I was lying in bed, I could get used to this.



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