Day 4




Marshmallow Shapes are exactly the same as Lucky Charms, except the former are $1 and the latter are overpriced.

Travelled to a placed called Winnetka today; had a meeting with all the other coaches, we sat on some bleachers and I had Taylor Swift’s song in my head for the duration of the talk.

Alan, Peter and I went to a sandwich place called Panera and the woman inside was stunned that I’d never been before. Turned my wifi on and was bombarded with questions from my father on BBM. It’s nice to know that I’m loved.

Had my first coaching session today, there was only 6 kids in my group, under10’s, but William and Eric will probably be better than me in a few years, especially if I coach them.I also had to coach under 6’s for about 15 minutes; that was tough because none of the kids would listen and all their parents were there so I was under pressure.

The wind has made my lips very dry.Carmex to the rescue, when I find where I put it.

So it turns out I’m no longer living in a house with 2 other coaches but instead I’m staying with Kathleen and Brent, they have 3 kids, and a gym in their house. This was my face when I saw the house, met them and then left:

Went for Starbucks with Lindsay and told her about this blog, so for when you read this, hello. I ordered a tea and even that confused me, I’ve decided I dislike Starbucks as there are too many options to pick from.

I am currently writing this from a hotel room, because Brent and Kathleen, or Brathleen from now on, wanted to talk over my stay there before I hopefully move in. The hotel isn’t bad, I will now list the things I like and dislike from it.

As you can see, the hotel is nice, it’s a sister brand of the Hilton. The man who just delivered my toothpaste was surprisingly similar to Playdough-Face man. Food for thought some may say.

I popped a blister in the shower; it hurt so much I screamed a little bit. I need to man up.

Half of my clothes are at the house back in Naperville, where I was meant to be living, and half of the stuff is with me, fortunately there’s a Westfield shopping centre in the distance so I’m sure I can find a few clothes there.



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