Day 3




Decided it would be a clever idea to go for a run at half 12 when the sun is at its peak, the purpose of the run was to go to an AT&T or Verizon shop to talk to them about iPads. Forgot it was Easter Sunday so neither was open. Got a Starbucks instead, ordered the wrong thing and almost gave them $5 dollar tip instead of $1.

A dog barked at me on the way home, it scared the shit out of me.

Will likes a restaurant called Five Guys and as he’s the driver we went there for lunch/tea/dinner. Its kinda like a subway but for burgers. I was sceptical because Will is also the guy who paid $40 for petrol and forgot to actually put it in the car earlier that day.

I came second in minigolf behind James, Chelsey bottled it on the back 9 and Alan’s 1 handed approach won’t be changing the pros putting technique anytime soon. I think the real winner was the goose that almost made a child cry by chasing it around hole 10.

The man with the playdough face welcomed us into the supermarket again, to help you with your mental image here’s another illustration:

The wifi in the house went down for 10 minutes so we passed the time by throwing ping pong balls at the ceiling fan; it was as fun as I imagined it to be.

Alan and I cooked 30 chicken nuggets and used nacho cheese sauce as pasta topping, amazingly it all tasted good.

Found out I’m not staying in the house this week because of a reason that I can’t remember, I don’t mind because I’m staying somewhere called Winnetka which is where Michael Jordan (drawn below) and Luke Donald have houses:

On a serious note, just Google Winnetka and be stunned. Actually, I’ve done it for you, you lazy bastards. Just click HERE.

Finally watched a decent movie too, Horrible Bosses; Jennifer Anniston be mine.



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