Day 2



The bed I sleep on is an airbed which deflates over the course of the night. So when I wake up my knee is buried in the bedframe, you have to roll out of bed as well in order to not snap the wood underneath you.

Went into Chicago town centre, listened to this song by Kings of Leon on the way in which made everything seem even more surreal than it already is:

Had a McDonalds for lunch, there were only black people and Hispanics in there, I’m not sure why, if anyone knows why then let me know.

Topman is beyond expensive, Urban Outfitters is cheap. I will come back wearing nothing but snapbacks, obey tees with 3/4 length sleeves, skinny jeans and hi-top vans. H&M is boring, except for the lifesize pictures of David Beckham there.

There was a queue for a store called Sprinkles, which just sell cupcakes. Things I did in the time it took for a woman holding a dog to get to the front of the queue: walk to starbucks, order a drink, sit for 10 minutes, walk to find a toilet, find the toilet, do the business, walk back to starbuck. Why would you wait 25 minutes for a cupcake you moron!

The lock for the toilets in America strike fear, you’re never sure if you’ve locked them or not.

I’ve also done that thing when you walk towards someone who moves in the same direction as you do, I do this face when it happens:

Watched the new American Pie last night, also quite shit. That’s 2 bad films in as many days.

There’s a gym near with $10 membership per month. I will join this place soon.



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