Day 1.5

6 1/2.04.12

Day 1.5 – Burger.Blick.Children.Playdough.Hoot.Heaven.Shit.Pong

First meal: Buffalo Wild Wings – aptly had a burger, with cheese, tomato, nachos, more cheese and some jalepenos in, also with free refills on chips. God Bless America.

On our way home I saw a martial arts place called Blick’s Martial Arts, made me laugh.

Something that has confused me endless times so far is that I look to the car next to me and see a woman in the left car seat and a child in the one on the right, I keep thinking the child is driving.

There is a man who stands at the door of the supermarket we went to who just welcomes everyone all day long, his face looks like it’s made out of playdough. This place has a deal on a pizza called ‘Tony’s’, 5 pizzas for $5, would’ve been rude not to get them.

Talking of weird people who just stand there, there’s a woman who dresses as the Statue of Liberty and dances on the street corner, she swore at us when we hooted her.

If given a choice, there is no way I’d drive here, its petrifying being a passenger let alone the driver, and everyone just wants an excuse to hoot you, they should save their beeping for people dressed as national monuments.

We went to heaven today, or DollarTree as they call it here. Everything is a dollar, unsurprisingly, and when your house doesn’t have a baking tray, or even any cups , then that place is spectacularly cheap.

Saw a movie as well, called SafeHouse. It was shit.

I’m also quite good at a game we invented which is a take on a popular game called Beer Pong. Ours obviously didn’t involve beer, because that would be illegal. I call it Non-Alcoholic Beverage Pong. I came second, and puked. Sorry Mum.



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